Local community

RWE has established a significant presence in Western Jutland with the project of building Thor offshore wind farm. The Port of Thorsminde will serve as base for the operation and maintenance of Thor. For this reason, RWE has also established an office at the port.

We wish to maintain a close collaboration with the local community and regional business community to ensure that our activities create value in the local areas. This involves active engagement in dialogue and cooperation with local stakeholders, including citizens, associations and authorities. 

Local jobs and apprenticeships

A key focus for Thor is skills and education as we aim to boost the skillsets and maximise career opportunities for local people. Our aim is to raise awareness of the range of roles in the offshore wind sector and to encourage training and development so those people interested in the growing offshore wind sector are equipped to work with us, now and into the future. Thor will therefore bring 50-60 jobs and 30 apprenticeships to the local area of Thorsminde.


For the operation and maintenance of Thor we intend to contribute to the local economy and community by creating up to 60 permanent jobs. This includes technicians, engineers, nautical personnel as well as crew for the service vessels. It is expected that the new service station will be fully operational from 2026 onwards. The construction phase will further contribute with 200-400 temporary jobs.


To contribute to the development of the local community around Thor, close dialogue with the local forces is crucial. This is one of the reasons why we have committed to taking on at least 30 apprentices for this major project. To support the effort of securing apprentices for the construction of Thor, RWE has partnered with University College Holstebro. Holstebro Municipality has been the facilitator of the partnership.

Sponsorships and events

RWE sponsors local organizations and engages in partnerships to raise awareness of Thor offshore wind farm and its benefits to the local community as well as support the organizations' individual causes. We frequently organize and participate in events to increase our visibility and provide updates on the project.

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